Engineering Support

The GMA offers a wide variety of studies and other research materials. Check out the files below to learn the essentials in geosynthetics research.

  • GMA Educational Series

    • Agricultural Applications for Geosynthetics

      Today, agricultural applications range widely from covered and uncovered ditch linings and ponds to geosynthetic linings that protect groundwater, soils and surface waters from being polluted by animal waste.

    • Water and Wastewater Applications of Geosynthetics

      There is a wide range of applications where geosynthetics are being used successfully to improve the process of storing and treating water and wastewater. The applications include decorative ponds, potable water storage, and wastewater treatment lagoons.

    • Canal Lining with Geosynthetics

      Geosynthetics (geomembranes, geotextiles, and geogrids), either alone or in conjunction with a concrete veneer, can greatly increase the effectiveness of a canal lining system.

    • Silt Fence Applications

      If appropriately specified, placed and maintained, a silt fence can be an extremely effective sedimentation control device. It is a viable tool that can be used in an effort to protect the environment using proper erosion and sediment control procedures.

  • Geosynthetics in Pavement Systems Applications

    • GMA White Paper I

      This “white paper” is provided in response to the requests from AASHTO to provide background information and specifications for the use of geogrids and geotextiles in pavement system applications.

    • Nonwoven Paving Fabrics Study - Final Report

      Under contract with the Geotextile Division of the Industrial Fabrics Association International, Maxim Technologies Inc. investigated the use, performance, and design considerations for asphalt membrane interlayer systems using a nonwoven paving fabric.


      The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials' National Transportation Product Evaluation Program

  • Paving Fabric Research

    • GMA Paving Fabric Study - Summary brochure

      This is a comprehensive study of pavement repair materials and methods. It examines maintenance treatments on 370 roads in Greenville County, S.C., in the 1997-98 maintenance year.

    • GMA Paving Fabric Study - Detailed study

      All roads included in this Phase 2 study received one of the following maintenance treatments: cold mill recycling (full depth rehabilitation) and an overlay; patching followed by paving fabric and an overlay; paving fabric and an overlay; or overlay only.

  • Additional resources

    • Geosynthetic Materials Association Handbook

      This handbook introduces geosynthetics from the perspective of practical application.

    • GMA White Paper II

      This “white paper” has been prepared to support the efforts of the AASHTO 4E Task Group in its efforts to develop specifications for geosynthetic reinforcement of the aggregate base course of pavement structures.